Monet Jewelry

E-commerce Brand | Owned by Liz Claiborne


Jr. Art Director & Designer

Live Date

Jul 2010 to May 2011


Monet, a classic brand from the Liz Clairborne family of companies, needed a complete e-commerce web presence to connect with a target audience they had never successfully engaged with before.


Working with a small team of designers, jewelry stylists and photographers I designed and launched the Monet e-commerce website with over two thousand available products. Post launch I was the sites technical director and developed email campaigns, designed web banners and managed the companion Facebook presence.

In addition to the complete design and architecture of the web site, I directed product photo-shoots and designed interactive web components for featured products to highlight their unique appeal.

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Monet Website Wedding Boutique Page Catalog
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Monet Email Campaign
Monet Email Campaign
Monet Email Campaign

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Monet Web Banner

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Monet New Business Presentation for Peanuts

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