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May 2011


Fresh, an emerging beauty products brand, needed a vibrant campaign crossing physical and web media to boldly announce their new product offerings. Fresh had been struggling with the effectiveness of their email campaigns and suffered from lackluster sales through their web portal.


Working as an independent contractor, I designed and developed targeted campaigns for two holidays and the “Sugar Honey” product launch. In addition, I created the designs for the “Kiss and Tell” campaign which were leveraged across postcards, in store handouts, emails, and even a branded truck wrap. The “Kiss and Tell” branded truck was a particular success. Over the course of four days, the truck setup in select locations around Manhattan and encouraged fans to send a K&T post card to a friend which included a coupon for Fresh products. Participants were given a specially designed gift bag for their time and at each stop, lines wrapped around several city blocks. Lastly, I designed and launched a companion Facebook presence along with the Fresh e-commerce website.

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