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Senior Art Director

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Feb 2015


MM&M Silver Award: Best Website in 2015


Wunderman’s client GlaxoSmithKline had an allergy medication (Flonase) making the transition from prescription to over-the-counter and needed a responsive, flexible web presence to engage with and educate its audience.


After researching and discussing the needs of the client with our internal strategy team, I worked with the client to plan, design and execute a web template which was easy to use, fast and visually appealing. The site met the client’s needs domestically & internationally while providing a clean, intuitive interface regardless of platform (mobile/tablet/desktop). With this foundation in place the team and I were able to build out numerous content elements such as; infographics, short blurbs, feature length articles and slideshows. This content encourages the user to socialize and share it, and our biweekly updates kept the audience engaged. As engagement grew, we leveraged search data to target what our audience was looking for and to refine and tailor our content. Lastly, we scheduled our content releases around typical seasonal conditions to coincide with peak audience interest and maximize impact.

I’m proud to say that since the site launched, website engagement is up and product sales have exceeded expectations. The site was awarded a Silver Medal, among other awards, in the “Best Website” category from MM&M in 2015.

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Flonase Website Article - Outdoor Vs. Indoor Allergies
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